Spa package

We did not just build a sauna, we built THE sauna, a calming isolated sanctuary floating on the lake where guests can recharge and indulge in the serenity of the water, accompanied with a delicious eco-friendly meal and an outdoor jacuzzi.


To appreciate our natural surroundings fully, it needs to be viewed from the water. Hop into your canoe and set off from the lake into the river Testeboån, paddling past untouched nature, all the while straining to spot wildlife.

GPS walking

For people who’ve only ever walked on defined tracks and trails, there’s another side of exploring and adventuring. It’s the world of off-track hiking. With our GPS, you can determine your track, duration and skill level. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or family with children, we provide a selection of tracks for you to enjoy the surroundings.

Off the beaten track

Explore marshes and lakes in the surrounding forests of Åmot. Trails, frequented by deer and bear, lead invitingly deeper into the forest. Join our guide where only local hunters are allowed, for a walk into the wilderness, providing varied terrain and scenery.


A true adventure for hikers in search of active fun and spotting wildlife in their natural habitat. With a personal guide to set you on your way and a GPS to guide you even further, this hike provides the perfect combination between getting active outdoors and spending the night in a natural environment.


The Swedish Brown Bear population has grown to a number of at about 3500 individuals in Sweden, with Gävleborg as the most densely populated area. In Åmot there is a nice walking track, which is called "Bear Track" and follows one of 27 marked paths of Gästrikeleden. We provide you with a half-day guided tour, on which we will take you deep into nature, past feeding marks, footprints and resting places to capture the perfect picture.

Icelandic horses

With exploring on horseback the vast and mystical forests surrounding Åmot, no horse can match the Icelandic horse - used by Vikings over a 1000 years ago. Together with your guide,  this strong, agile and secure horse will lead you through the forest, past animal traces, footprints and feeding marks.

Dog sledding

Enjoy the freedom, speed and fun of traveling with a dog sledge in the unique nature of Hamra National Park. Listen to the sounds from the breathing pack and soft paws, paving their way through the pristine snow.

Wildlife Safari

Besides moose, reindeer, deer and a variety of birds, which you can spot without too much effort, Sweden is also home to predators such as the bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. Join our guide on animal trails, past feeding marks, footprints and resting places to capture the perfect picture. Just remember, silence is golden!

Bear watching

Come along to the mountain of

the bears, for a unique opportunity to get up close to the brown bear. Enter their natural habitat and absorb the special ambience of

the wilderness, whilst spending

the night in a lodge.

Room with
a view

They say that no two sunsets are ever the same. Whether it´s the colors, the clouds or the scenery, each one has something unique about it. Discover one of the best places to watch the sunset, whilst enjoying a delicious eco-friendly BBQ and your private hot tub.

Medieval times

Step into the Middle Ages with a musical experience filled with Scandinavian history and folktales, where Vikings, trolls and young maidens are never far away.

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